Erik McClure

Well That Was Interesting

So today I go to an orthodontist appointment at 11:30 AM, and its bright and sunny out, but fairly breezy. Several hours later I leave for a final exam for CSE 373 at the UW. Still nice and sunny out, but also still very breezy. We start the exam, and 40 minutes in, the power cuts out and we’re put into pitch blackness. A few seconds later, I can hear a generator hum to life and the power is suddenly back on.

*"Just so you know, if that happens again, I don't have a Plan B"* - My professor

10 minutes later, it happened again, as I heard the dying groans of the generator failing. For a few confused minutes, students used their cellphones to try and work on the test, until the evacuation alarm sounded. I hung around outside the building for a good 20 minutes before the professor finally cancelled the final outright due to extraneous circumstances. I realize I don’t actually know what happens when a final gets cancelled. Note that it is still warm and sunny outside, just very windy.

So, I go home on the bus, and things get a bit overcast, but nothing major. Then I get back to Redmond and the whole town is in the middle of a goddamn blizzard, which I then had to drive through back from the Park & Ride to get to my house. By the time I turned on my computer, the sun was out again.

Washington is fucking bipolar.



It's simple really - all the hot air your government produces creates a localised climate changing effect over the state. That's why you get bizarre things like blizzards in the middle of Spring.



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